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 Dog Grooming

Designed for comfort and convenience, our groomers are certified Groomers are passionate pro’s, armed with the latest equipment. We only use premium and natural products that will leave your pup looking and feeling beautiful and fresh. Ask about our special puppy prices (under five months) – We offer special rates for puppy’s to come in for a ‘learning grooming experience’ – if you train a puppy from a young age how to be groomed and not to have fear, it is a much happier experience for your dog. Familiarizing him with the sounds and smells of the salon, giving him a quick bath and a trim if necessary is a great idea for young pups.

Please call for an estimate and to schedule an appointment. Current vaccination records are required for grooming services.

*Rates vary by breed, temperament, size, coat & product options. Price will be determined once your dog is assessed at our salon.


Our full groom gives your dog the best of everything – which includes haircut, bath, blow-dry, brush-out, styling, nail trim, ear-cleaning and dental gel.




Upon arrival at The Crate Xscape, we examine each of our guests for fleas/ticks and matted or unkempt coats. At owner’s expense, we can treat pets for these conditions.

During their stay we conduct periodic maintenance checks of each pet. These checks concentrate on coat condition, checking for matts, debris, odor, fleas, ticks and general cleanliness. We provide the necessary coat care required whether it be brushing, rinsing or dematting to keep your pet healthy and clean while lodging. A nominal fee may be incurred.

A maintenance groom is for that in-between groom phase, when your dog just needs a freshen up until they are ready for their full groom…still packed with plenty of value with hair trimming on the face, feet, and sani, bath, blow-dry, brush-out, nail trim, ear cleaning and dental gel.


Have your dog pampered with a luxury wash and dry with our top of the range products in our state of the art salon.




Individual  Services

Anal Glands $6

Nails Dremel $15

Toothbrush $5

Flea Bath $10-$25

Dematting/ Deshedding  $5 per 5 minutes

Brush Out $10


Exit Baths**